The With One Vision Team

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Doug Shontz Jr.

President / Principal Architect

Doug is the President and Principal Architect for With One Vision Technologies. He has a career in IT spanning more than 30 years whose highlights include running electrical and network wiring in buildings, building more servers than he can count, running large scale databases and networks for mega-corporations, and using/supporting more than 30 programming languages in production environments. His first computers included Apple II, TRS-80, Commodore VIC-20 and 64. If you look at his studies, however, they have NOTHING to do with computers. Technology was just where life and passion led him. He has a music degree from Emory University and attended seminary at Yale Divinity School. Music and cooking are his two major free time loves. Doug started With One Vision in the desire of being able to combine his love of ministry with his love of technology.

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Patsy Shontz

Vice-President / CFO

Patsy is the Vice-President and CFO of With One Vision Technologies. She has had a long and storied career as a church pianist and organist that spans almost 50 years and more than 10 Christian denominations. She was the first woman allowed to play the organ for a sitting Catholic pope at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome in 1991 (John Paul II). Aside from her prolific music career, her secondary love beyond ministry and music is finances. She will say without question that every penny matters and that something amazing can be done with every dollar you do or do not spend, and she brings that meticulousness to the company every day. You can always find Patsy with her nose in a book of some kind as she is an avid reader. She believes ANY industry can be combined with the efforts of ministry, and she enjoys working with the team to prove that technology is not just “for the young and corporate”.

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Peggy Shontz

Business Manager / Project Manager

Peggy is the Business Manager, Support Technician, and one of the Project Managers of With One Vision Technologies. Her career has spanned nearly 50 years and has always been focused in and around the financial and business management sector. Her ability to keep a VERY large number of related and unrelated plates spinning in the air has made her an invaluable asset to every company for which she has worked. Her financial skills are on par with any CPA, and her nickname is “Plutonium Woman” since, if you needed plutonium for something, she could most likely find a legal means of procuring it. She is a TV/movie aficionado and was a professional bowler in her younger days. She has taken on With One Vision as a “second career” that, in her words, is “way more fun than any retirement job would have been!”.

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Kaleb Matthews

Senior Software Engineer

Kaleb is a Senior Software Engineer at With One Vision. Previously he worked as the Operations Manager for the front-end team. He is skilled in React Native, C#, and SQL and is the go-to for Mobile Application development. Kaleb frequently volunteers his time as a Worship vocalist and audio production specialist. He can also be found spending time with his family and playing online MMORPGs.

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Zach Haas

Junior Software Engineer

Zach is a Junior Software Engineer at With One Vision. He joined the team after moving from his childhood home in upstate New York. While there, he held down the fort as the IT department of a Subaru dealership. He has a background in ministry and computer science. Zach enjoys ultimate frisbee, video games, and drinking coffee. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and raising their son. Zach claims to be a jack of all trades, and enjoys bringing his skills and personality to the WOV team.